Transforming Wine Lists at Carlsberg UK

Posted: 26th July 2016

Crown Cellars is the Wine and Spirits Division of Carlsberg UK. They supply a wide range of premium and exclusive products to thousands of customers in the licensed trade.

As part of their added value service, Crown Cellars support their customers by providing wine lists free of charge.

Crown Cellars had for many years been using the traditional design and print model of producing wine lists. This involved sales people emailing an excel spreadsheet of products and prices through to a colleague in their marketing team who would then create a brief and send it to their design agency. Once the first draft of the design was completed this would then be sent back to the marketing team and then on to the sales person and finally to the customer for approval. Crown Cellars approached MRM when they were unhappy with the status quo and wanted to improve their processes.

Turnaround Time
Due to the highly inefficient process, wine list orders were taking weeks and sometimes months to be completed. As it is very difficult for Crown Cellars’ customers to sell wine without a wine list this result in customer dissatisfaction and delay in launching new product listings.

Intensive use of internal resource
With hundreds of emails a week being sent by the sales team to the wine list administrator, the management of wine listing became a full time job and tied up valuable resources at head office.

Excessive design costs
With each wine list being created by a graphic designer there was a significant artwork cost associated with creating each wine list.

Our Solution:
MRM provided the Menu Maker App iPad that Crown Cellars sales people can use to create customisable drinks menus and point of sale items in minutes. Using our Menu Maker App users are able to create professional quality wine lists in less than 10 minutes. Advanced functionality allows users to add product images, tasting notes and food matching descriptions. Once the order is placed MRM deliver the wine list to the customer in less than 48 hours.

The Menu Maker App has allowed Crown Cellars to provide more customers with high quality wine lists quicker and more cost effectively than ever before. With MRM managing all communication with the sales team Crown Cellars no longer require a full time wine list administrator and can instead use their resources more effectively elsewhere in their business.