Menu Creator Goes Live

Posted: 26th September 2016

Last week we went live with the Menu Creator iPad App and launched it to a number of major clients.

After a year of design and development it was highly satisfying to see that the sales teams were really excited about using the new software.

The most positive response we received was this:

“I just wanted to feedback how AMAZING the new wine listing tool is, I designed a menu with my customer this week and it took around 10 minutes. What was very useful were the pack images which gave me the opportunity to use it as a sales tool which led to the introduction of a new product range and made discussing SKUs not stocked currently easier. The customer commented that the app is the best thing he has seen and he mentioned that all the “other reps” have something similar but this is defiantly the best..”

This type of feedback is incredibly encouraging as ease of use and speed were our 2 top priorities when building the new app.

Despite the great launch, we are not resting on our laurels. We are continuing to add new functionality to the software and are currently working on some exciting new functionality involving data management and analytics.