2017 Product Roadmap – We’re Driving Forward

Posted: 19th October 2016

At MRM, work in an AGILE way which means we release software early and often which allows us to test regularly with our users and incorporate their feedback throughout the development process. Compared to traditional project management methods it massively reduces the overall length of the project, eliminates unnecessary features and increases adoption amongst users as they are involved throughout the process.

After the successful release of our new MenuMaker App we were delighted to receive fantastic feedback from many salespeople who previously have been reluctant to adopt new technology.

However, amongst all the positive feedback we were made aware that there were extra features and functionality that the sales teams were looking for which we hadn’t included. As we work very closely with our customers and release new software every 2 weeks we were able to quickly add this functionality and within 6 weeks we had incorporated all of their feedback to create an even more powerful tool for the sales team to use.

The Menu Maker App has now reached a level our customers are really happy with. However, we will continue to build in new features and improve the product as we receive feedback and come up with new ideas.

Our vision is to create the ultimate sales and marketing tool for the drinks industry. With technology moving incredibly fast we can’t stand still so we are starting work on several new projects.

Our product roadmap for 2016/17 includes:
– Web and Android Versions of Menu Creator
– A new Advanced Analytics Tool
– Upgrades to our Presentation and Proposal Tool
– A new POS creation solution