Proposal Creator Goes Live

Posted: 26th January 2017

The idea for the Proposal Maker came about several years ago when we several of our customers complained that the new business proposals their salespeople were creating were “not fit for purpose”.

The existing proposals that were going out to prospective customers ranged from elaborate Prezi slides to an excel with a list of products and prices. In each case, salespeople were creating their own proposals which often featured out of date branding, incorrect product information and confusing pricing slides.

Not only did this present an unprofessional first impression to a prospective customer but if often ran roughshod over the time and money invested in the branding of their product range.

There was clearly a need to bring a consistent level of quality and branding to these new business proposals. Our software could allow salespeople to create a more professional and customized proposal which would allow them to gain a competitive advantage and improve their chances of winning new business.

We first developed Proposal Maker several years ago as a web platform. With many of our customers moving to iPad in 2016 we used this as an opportunity to re-develop Proposal Maker from the ground up. This month, we are going live with the brand new version which allows sales people to create new business proposals that are customized high quality template designs specifically for the customer.

It also allow sales people to provide customers with a business plan that clearly illustrates the product costs and margins the customer can expect from working with that company. In addition, our analytics tool software captures product, sales and investment data that sales managers can use to track return on investment.

The App goes live this month with Carlsberg UK and we are looking forward to sharing it with American Distributors at the Wine and Spirits Wholesale Convention in April.