The Challenge of Gathering On-Trade Data

Posted: 30th January 2017

There was a great article released today by the Buyer highlighting the “the lack of data and insight in to actually what is being sold and drunk in some of our finest bars, restaurants and hotels.”

Click here to read the article – The Buyer

The article pointed out that the major data research agencies have largely overlooked the on-trade and that the “shortage of real, hands-on, practical, intelligent, and most of all useful sales and trends information that is going to help both suppliers and operators do a better job is arguably the sector’s biggest achilles heel”.

One of the biggest barriers to fixing this issue is that up until now there has been no efficient way to collect this data.

The leaders in this area (Bibendum in the UK and Datassential in the USA) collate this data by either visiting the outlets, contacting them via phone/email/fax or manually extracting the content from a digital copy of the outlet’s Wine List.

They spend large amounts of time and money on people visiting and contacting customers and then manually adding this information into databases. It’s expensive, time consuming and mind-numbing to collate.

The good news is that there is a better way!

The drinks distributors and suppliers who use our Menu Maker App create this data every time one of their sales team makes a menu order for a customer. By selecting products and adding serve sizes and retail pricing their sales people are creating the data themselves.

Using our new Analytics tool, drinks distributors and suppliers can see exactly what products each customer is selling and for what price. They can then zoom out and look at the data from a regional or national level.

Insights like the examples below from the Buyer article could be generated at the click of a button and from a much greater sample size without incurring any data collection cost. It’s literally a no-brainer.

– In restaurants with lists between £50-£150 Chardonnay is by far the biggest player with 16% of the list and average price of £88.86.
– Within white varietals Chardonnay is by far the biggest player appearing on around 23% of lists up 14%
– The biggest movers are Chile up 21% in its individual share, Argentina 10%.

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