L’Oreal Preserve Brand Integrity while Empowering Local Affiliates to Customise Marketing Collateral with MRM’s POS Creator Tool

L’Oreal Preserve Brand Integrity while Empowering Local Affiliates to Customise Marketing Collateral with MRM’s POS Creator Tool


L’Oreal Professionnel supply over 4,000 salons in the UK with their outstanding hair care products. The beauty industry is highly competitive which means that salons need to have an active marketing program to stay ahead
As a leading product supplier, L’Oreal Professionnel partners with their customers to work together to grow their business.
Alongside training and education, L’Oreal wanted to support their customers with exclusive marketing materials that feature L’Oreal logos, products and model images from their latest photoshoots.


Insufficient Resource

L’Oreal did not have the internal resource to manage over 1,000 orders per year and needed a more efficient way to provide customers with the marketing collateral they needed to grow their business.

Brand Misrepresentation

Some salons were creating marketing collateral themselves using L’Oreal images taken from the internet. Salons were using model images where the copyright license had expired. They needed a way to make sure that salons could only create marketing materials using the most recent model images.


Turnaround Time

The beauty industry is a fast moving business and opportunities arise quickly and without notice. L’Oreal required a system that was responsive to customer demands and could deliver marketing collateral in days not weeks.

Customer Service

They realised that many salon owners needed assistance with their marketing and required a service that would consult with the customer, determine marketing goals and create tools that would deliver a return on investment.


MRM developed a bespoke automated marketing platform for L’Oreal, using MRM’s POS creator tool, customers and sales teams can create marketing materials such as posters, appointment cards, price lists and images for digital screens and social media. Using the online platform, salons can select from a wide range of templates which feature their logo and latest model images.

Salons can then customise the templates by adding their logo, salon address and marketing message.

The program is supported by our customer service team who help salons with their marketing queries and take orders offline for salons who require something special.


Since starting in 2007, the Business Plus Salon Marketing program has helped tens of thousands of salons to stay ahead of the competition by providing them with locally relevant branded marketing materials. Salons can quickly and efficiently create high quality custom POS materials and have them delivered 2 days later.

Recent analysis showed that salons who utilise the Business Plus Salon Marketing program spend 163% more with L’Oreal Professionnel than a salon which doesn’t. The analysis also showed that the sales people who used the business plus program the most saw a 23% increase in their customers spend.
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“MRM allows L’Oreal Professionnel Elite salons to use their points for purchases to help brand their salons” They help salons that carry the L’Oreal Professionnel brand market their salon in many ways. From menus, to lightboxes, to jumbo posters they have it all.”
Divisional Brand Manager - L'oreal Professionnel